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All 2022 are Calves Sold!
Thank you to all of our customers for adding a Double S Mini to their herds!

We are always accepting waitlist submissions
 for our upcoming calves.

2023 Calf Pricing

Heifer Calves: Starting at $1500.00 CAD and up.
Steer Calves: Starting at $1300.00 CAD and up.

Bulls: Please Contact to discuss.

We screen all potential purchasers. We are selective in who we sell our calves to, and will work with you to match you to the best one for your needs. We want the best outcome for both you, and the calves. 

WE DO NOT SELL BOTTLE CALVES. All of our calves are naturally raised by their mothers.

The inhumane practice of hand raising calves just to make them tame is a terrible thing that happens all too often in this industry. We will never remove a healthy calf from its healthy mother to hand raise it. This practice creates stunted, unhealthy calves, commonly with dangerous behavioural problems due to being raised by humans. These are cattle, not puppies. 

Want to be added to our waitlist? You will receive an email in the spring with the available calves. 

Thanks for submitting!

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