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About us

We are a small family farm, located near the Village of Breton, Alberta. We raise beef cattle and poultry in a regenerative way, to provide high quality Grass-Fed Beef , Pastured Chicken, and 
Free-Range Eggs to our customers throughout Alberta! We started raising smaller framed cattle for our beef production, and it has evolved into focusing on 2 separate herds! We now have our Mini herd, and our regular beef herd (which is still small framed cows, just not quite as mini as these)

Our goal with our minis is to offer small framed, productive cattle.

Our cattle are calm, manageable, and cute to boot! They embody the homestead type cow, being able to raise a smaller freezer beef, and many have great milking qualities as well. 

We focus our efforts on Miniature Speckle Park, Miniature Highlands, and Miniature Highparks. 




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